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marching on MARCH

October 10, 2014

2012 : got married
2013 : moved to Jogjakarta
2014 : be a mother to one cute daughter
2015 : ??

People say “there is no such thing : coincidence”, but that actually happened to me (or should I say my family).

MARCH 2012 is the only March-thing we really planned, others are unplanned.

MARCH 2013, we moved from Jakarta to Jogjakarta. When my husband recieved a piece of paper saying that the Company transfered him to Jogja, then we decided to move our homebase to Jogja too. Our decision had its price of course, I had to leave my job, I was a 8-to-5 worker. Our priority is to stay together as close as we could possibly get, not being miles apart (me in Jakarta and my husband in Jogja), as we were really expecting for a baby to complete our family. 3 months after we moved to Jogja, I got pregnant.

MARCH 2014, the baby was born. One cute little baby girl. We are more than blessed to have her in our familly.

MARCH 2015,
I do hope it’s gonne be great too…


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